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We have been chihuahua breeders for awhile now. We are breeding and raising our pups in Mulberry, Fl. Currently working hard trying to raise the standard for the quality care breeders give to their dogs. I had completely fallen in love with the breed since the first one that became a part of our family. Our dogs eat Eukanuba small breed kibble. They get to run and play in the yard all day with the exception of rain (chihuahuas tend not to like rain much). We have a large sectioned chain link fencing area for moms in heat and their mates, and a two car garage made into our nursery area. They all have crates with blankets but are never closed in. They love bones and treats, stuffed animals, the radio, swimming in kiddy pools, and find chasing bubbles to be a fun pass-time. They are spoiled and loved!! I hope you enjoy the rest of our page, please contact us if you have any questions. Also we often have free retired adult chihuahuas (only condition is you must pay for them to be spayed/nurtured), so please contact us if you might be interested in adopting one as well. Thank you very much.         ****We now accept credit cards, payments threw paypal, and have a finance company you may qualify with for a payment plan. Contact us for information about shipping.                                                                                      

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